People of Cambridge, find your polling location.
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Important note for fall 2016: Due to the time sensitive nature of this project, we are aiming to address all issues labeled with City of Cambridge Request first.

Cambridge Voting Locations

This app is intended to display the polling location within a user's ward/precinct, using their home address or current location. In addition, you can see a picture of the polling place, Google Maps directions, and a link to bring up directions in your browser or your mobile navigation application.


Data has been culled from Cambridge GIS open information sources, including polling location data and ward/precinct boundary data, all in GeoJSON format.


The cambridge_voting_locations application is developed with yeoman, based on top of node.js.

Within the cambridge_voting_locations directory:

npm install        # installs local node and bower dependencies
npm start          # starts server
npm run build      # places a production copy of the app in the dist directory

All development work is done within the app directory. We're using Yeoman's deployment strategy. Before committing, please run npm run build and commit any changes within the dist directory as well.