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Safe Water Project 🚰

The Safe Water Project is a team of volunteers at Code for Boston who are using data modeling, data visualization and machine learning to predict, visualize, and share data about the presence of hazardous drinking and surface water contaminants in the United States.

We are interested in collaborating with health and environmental organizations.

Representatives for nonprofit organizations and government agencies interested in our work should contact Andrew at Please feel free to also join our Slack channel at Code for Boston and meet the team.

Our Work

Institutional Partners

The Safe Water Project works with Boston-based community partners. These organizations have needs related to data infrastructure and data science, and we provide our expertise in assisting them.

Currently we work with the Charles River Watershed Association. We help them deploying their predictive model, visualizing and communicating their data, as well as better understanding their constituents. You can learn more about this project in the related folder.

Most volunteers work in python with pandas. Some volunteers also use R, or PHP.

Project Materials and Communications

Join Us

If you are interested in volunteering for the Safe Drinking Water Project:

  • Join the Slack. The #water channel has various pinned items that will be of use for getting started.

  • Read the docs. The docs/ folder contains more information about the project, plus steps on how to set up the project so you can start contributing. Click here for the docs.

  • Meet us on Tuesday nights. We would love to meet you! We meet alongside other Code for Boston teams every Tuesday in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. Sign up to attend Code for Boston events here.


We are using data science to analyze water quality issues.



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