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How To Play


Starting play

Any player may initiate a sweepstakes by sending the Croupier XLM, amount being 0.01XLM or greater, within a Keybase channel that the Croupier is a member of. e.g. +0.01XLM@croupier.


If one enters the sweepstakes three times in a row, with a paid bet at or above the blinds threshold, without any other participant adding a paid bet, then a powerup will be randomly awarded.

If one enters the sweepstakes three times in a row, with a free bet (see "No purchase necessary"), without any other participant adding a free bet, then a powerup will be randomly awarded.

☢️: Go nuclear and play everyone's powerups in the order they were received

🍧: For the next 10 seconds, powerups and bets are worthless and increase your position by 1

🕺: o/` It's the final countdown! Reset the clock to 1 minute

🏳️‍🌈: Level the playing field and reset everybody's positions to 1

👯: Put it to a vote: who does the group like more, you or the pot leader? If the pot leader wins, your position is reduced to 1. If you win, you and the pot leader swap position sizes!

: Cut the remaining time in half

: Double the remaining time

🔫: Reduce the pot leader's position size to 1

🗡: Your position size has an even chance of doubling/halving


Blinds refer to the threshold to receive a powerup. For the first ten minutes of the game, blinds are 0.01XLM. At ten minutes, and then every 5 minutes thereafter, the blinds double. Blinds max at 10% of the pot size.

Viewing someone else's powerups

  • Using the .powerups command you may see your own powerups. The fee is 1 position.
  • Using the .powerups {username} you may see another user's powerups. The fee is 10 position.

No purchase necessary

By reacting, within Keybase, to one of Croupier’s messages regarding an individual round, with one of the following reactions, Croupier will grant a complimentary entry, of position size 1:

[:smile:, :smiley:, :raising_hand:, :man-raising-hand:, :woman-raising-hand:, :thumbsup:, :clap:, :man-tipping-hand:, :woman-tipping-hand:, :sparkles:, :zany_face:, :+1:, :boom:, :fire:, :tada:, :joy:]

How someone wins

When a game of Croupier begins, a 60 second countdown clock begins. [1] Whenever a new bet is added to the pot, there is a clock adjustment. If the time remaining is less than 30 seconds, the clock is reset to 60 seconds. If more than 30 seconds remain, 10 seconds are added to the clock. The clock may be adjusted through the use of powerups as well.

When there are 0 seconds left on the clock, no more bets are accepted.

Free entries grant additional position size of 1; paid entries grant additional position size of bet size divided by 0.01 (e.g. 100 position for a 1 XLM bet). Position sizes may also be affected by use or other participants’ use of powerups.

Participants are then assigned a range of numbers in accordance to their position size. A random number, between 1 and the cumulative total of positions, is then publicly generated through Keybase’s flip functionality. The participant whose range contains said random number is then awarded the pot total less any transaction fees.

[1] Note: Croupier accepts a custom countdown param when launching new rounds. e.g., if the round is begun with +0.01XLM@croupier countdown:180 then the initial countdown is set to 180 seconds.

Betting on behalf of someone else

Anyone may enter a round on behalf of any other Keybase identity using this betting format: +0.01XLM@croupier for:keybaseusername.

Maximum Pot Size

Pot sizes are limited to 20,000 XLM. The reason for this is to comply with legislation that limits sweepstakes sizes as well as legislation that requires certain sweepstakes prizes to be bonded.

Viewing Round Details and Historical Results

There is not yet an API for this but we plan to make one available in the future. For now, please direct inquiries regarding round histories to

Disclaimers and legal ideas

Liability limitation; indemnification

By sending money to Croupier, you release the operators of the Croupier software from all liability and indemnify them against any claims for damages. Purchase absolutely DOES NOT guarantee an increase of chance, especially considering the dynamic effects of powerups. Yes, any bets made have expected value zero and are for social and entertainment purposes.

Payouts and refunds

rounds with only one participant are automatically cancelled and refunded. Please note that all payouts and refunds are less the transaction fees accorded to the initial transaction.

Availability Limitations; Void Where Prohibited; Eligibility requirements

The Croupier service is not available in Brazil, Italy, and Quebec. Residents of these areas are forbidden to participate in any games of Croupier.

Responsible disclosure policy

If you accidentally or intentionally discover a bug with Croupier’s behavior, please report it with a GitHub issue:

Extremely Risky; Refunds

In general our policy is not to give any refunds to any participants. Keybase is new software, and the Stellar network is constantly undergoing development and is absolutely not reliable. The Croupier software is in early alpha. If there is a severe bug with Croupier’s behavior, one that resulted in the loss of cryptocurrency, due to incorrect coding of the Croupier software, please file an issue on GitHub containing as many details as possible (copy/paste the entire game transcript; right click and copy any relevant transaction IDs as they were surfaced via Keybase), and we will do what we can to make things right – no guarantees.

Winners of over 5,000 XLM

In the event that a participant’s cumulative net earnings total over 5,000 XLM, payouts are withheld. The winner must then complete an affidavit of eligibility as well as a 1099 tax form.

Regulatory inquiry

Croupier is developed in the spirit of full cooperation with the current hegemony. In other words, if there is any government authority or regulatory that wants to initiate a formal inquiry or casual chat, please contact with the subject line “Regulatory Inquiry”.


Croupier is developed in the spirit of full open source and transparency. By entering a Croupier game, you acknowledge your understanding that the database of past games, including participants and winners, is available to the public.


Winners are liable for any and all taxes related to any prizes won

Customer support

Customer support is conducted via GitHub issues:

If there are legitimate reasons to initiate a private request for support, then please DM @zackburt via Keybase.


Croupier is developed by Code For Cash, Inc., with physical address 157 E. 86th Street, Floor 5, New York, NY, 10028.


If the game is being run by any username except “Croupier” (e.g. “DevCroupier”) the rules do not apply, and all money sent to the bot should be considered a no-strings-attached patron donation to the project.