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Application architecture

Croupier class

Croupier is the bot class. It talks to the database (MongoDB) and talks to Keybase, listening to incoming messages and responding accordingly (see Croupier.routeIncomingMessage). Each round is coded as an instance of the Snipe class, which manages the game logic. All active snipes are stored in Croupier's activeSnipes property, an object with key = JSON strigified Keybase ChatChannel and value = Snipe instance. This data structure makes sense because there can only be one concurrent snipe per channel.

Note: Due to technical limitations, we cannot read exploding messages from a paper key; therefore, one bot is run as initFromRunningService with a provisioned device (see deploy/0_scripts/

Snipe class

This class handles game logic. If you want to modify game behavior, check out this class.

There are many active NodeJS.Timer timers within the Snipe, that handle things like polling for the /flip results and counting down the game timer.

People's bets are stored in the participants: Array<IParticipant> attribute of the Snipe class. Their position sizes (which can be affected through powerups) are encoded separately with the positionSizes: IPositionSize attribute of the Snipe class.

Getting started


  • MongoDB (if you're running the bot locally)
  • Unixy OS (macOS, WSL, Linux, et al): Croupier talks to Keybase via keybase-bot, which relies on non-Windows commands (namely which)
  • expect command (apt-get install expect)
  • Some Lumens to fund the bot accounts (each bot needs at least 2.01XLM to function)


  1. Create two bot accounts on Keybase (one to use /flip and the other to read the result), and within Keybase, generate a paper key for each account

  2. Install MongoDB and get it running

  3. npm install

  4. Set these envvars:

    • HONEYBADGER_API_KEY # for uncaught exception logging. feel free to use another solution; see index.ts
    • SUBTEAM_NAME # in the event that a flip does not complete, either due to duplicate registration issues or someone joining/leaving during the flip, Croupier will initiate a new flip in a separate team under its control. Therefore, you should create a Keybase team and invite your bot and give it admin privileges (so it may dynamically create subteams for the re flips).
  5. Run the bot with npm run start


Contributions are welcome. Any new features should be accompanied by a test. To run the test suite, yarn test --detectOpenHandles --verbose --forceExit

Note: run killall keybase and keybase ctl stop before running test suite


All releases should more or less be stable.

The next release is a work in progress and is expected some time in August. Join @codeforcash or @mkbot#cryptosnipe on Keybase if you'd like to follow along.

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