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Welcome to the Botium Wiki!

Botium and companion projects

Short introduction about Botium and the companion projects - what is my entry point ?

Botium - The Selenium for Chatbots

Botium scope is comparable to what Selenium does for Websites and Appium does for Smartphone Apps: it provides an abstraction layer to automate interaction (or better to say: communication) with a chatbot.

So if you are a Javascript developer trying to programmatically talk to a chatbot, Botium is yours!

TestMyBot - Automated Testing for Chatbots

TestMyBot is the technology bridge between Botium and test runners such as Jasmine, Mocha, Jest.

So if you are into test automation and want to integrate automated chatbot testing into your CI/CD pipeline, TestMyBot is yours!

Botium CLI

Botium CLI provides some of the functions of Botium and more in a simple command line program. It helps in interactivly testing your Botium setup (by letting you communicate with your hatbot). It helps in preparation and execution of test suites and test cases. And it is available as pre-compiled native program for Windows, Mac and LInux (x32 and x64).

So if you don't know how to start, start with the Botium CLI!

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