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Database, api and processor is running inside containers. You need Docker, docker-compose and systemd (for scheduling). The supplied docker-compose.yml brings everything needed for running and serving the whole stack

Steps to recreate the deployment

  • Install docker, docker-compose
  • Copy the files from the deployment folder to you server
    • folder mosmix to /etc/mosmix
    • folder systemd/system to /etc/systemd/system
  • Start the database on the server
    • docker-compose -f /etc/mosmix/docker-compose.yml up -d mosmix-postgis
  • Execute the processor(s) once
    • docker-compose -f /etc/mosmix/docker-compose.yml run --rm processor mosmix_s
    • docker-compose -f /etc/mosmix/docker-compose.yml run --rm processor mosmix_l
  • Enable and start the systemd timer on the server
    • systemctl daemon-reload
    • systemctl start mosmix-processor-l.timer mosmix-processor-s.timer
    • systemctl enable mosmix-processor-l.timer mosmix-processor-s.timer
  • Start the frontend-proxy and api on the server
    • docker-compose -f /etc/mosmix/docker-compose.yml up -d api frontend-proxy

You now should have a running version of the api accessible at port 80.