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A clone of http://flappybraille.ndre.gr/

golfed by @xem, @ilesinge, @aemkei, @subzey, @p01, ...

  • Look at the URL.
  • Play with arrows up and down.

demo 1 (unminified, ES5): http://codegolf.github.io/miniFlappyBraille

demo 2 (golfed, dirtier, ES6): http://codegolf.github.io/miniFlappyBraille/index.min.html

source code (197b / 181 chars)

for(i=g=b=[c=""];d=e=f=g;onkeyup=a=>d+=a.which-39)c+="  "+"⡆⡅⡃⠇"[b[i++]=(g=7*++g%97)%4];setInterval('e<4||e%27?i:i&&b[g++]==d?f++:i=0;location.hash=i?"⠈⠐⠠⢀"[d]+c.slice(e++/9):f',27)

demo 3 (golfed, obfuscated in braille): http://codegolf.github.io/miniFlappyBraille/index.min.braille.html

(update soon)

You can also play by executing the snippets above in your JS console!