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GitHub Pull Request-based Code Reviews

WARNING: A bit rough on the edges. I'm polishing it as I use it more.

With codereview you can review Pull Requests on GitHub right from Vim, as well as comment on specific lines of the pull request or in the general PR comments.

Since it builds upon the great patchreview and adds some GitHub-related convenience, it needs the patchreview Vim plug-in to be installed.


Make sure you have compiled Vim with Ruby support and the Ruby you compiled it with is 1.9+ compatible.

Also, you'll need curl installed.

If you use Vundle put this in your vimrc:

Bundle 'junkblocker/patchreview-vim'
Bundle 'codegram/vim-codereview'

If you use Pathogen, clone this repo in your ~/.vim/bundle directory.


For a quick live demo, check out this screencast:



Make sure you're in the correct folder for the Git repository you want to review the PR on.

To start a code review for a specific pull request:


codereview will now download the Pull Request patch, stash your current changes and checkout the PR's base SHA. Then it'll open every changed file in a new tab.

The first time, it'll ask you for a GitHub authorization token. You can generate those from your Applications settings in your GitHub account page. More information available on Github help

If you need to change the token later on, you can find it under ~/.codereview, or you can remove the file and be prompted for a token again. Please note this file is stored in plaintext. Contributions to store the key in the local keychain or encrypt it with GPG are very welcome.

You'll be now on the Overview tab. Keep reading.

The Overview tab

Here you'll see a list of comments on the Pull Request itself (not on the diff). If you want to add a comment to this list, see "Commenting on the whole Pull Request" below.

But for now you probably want to review some code. Switch through the different tabs to see all the changes. Once you see a specific change on the diff that you want to give your feedback on, you'll want to leave a constructive comment, right? Keep reading to learn how to do it.

Commenting on a specific line

When reviewing code in the diff tabs, you can go to any line and comment on any addition or deletion by issuing the :CodeReviewCommentChange command (you can map it to whatever you'd like). You can only comment on additions or deletions, not context lines.

A new split will appear where you can write your comment, and when you're done, just press <leader>c to post your comment.

Commenting on the whole Pull Request

When you're done nitpicking on your colleague's diff, you can comment on the whole Pull Request to give them a +1 or a 🚢 🇮🇹 or whatever by issuing :CodeReviewComment command (you can map it to whatever you'd like).

A new split will appear where you can write your comment, and when you're done, just press <leader>c to post your comment.

Reloading the comments

If you want to fetch the newest comments for the PR you're reviewing, just issue :CodeReviewReloadComments! You'll be taken to the Overview tab with a, new, fresh list of comments.