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🐶 Platformer inspired by Kirby's Great Cave Offensive and the Game Boy
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Pickle's Fetch Quest

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A throwback to the Game Boy era of gaming, inspired by Kirby's Great Cave Offensive and created for GitHub's 2017 Game Off. Help Pickle brave the Wolf Queen's Palace and collect as many of her treasures as you can!


Install dependencies with pip and run to play!

pip install -r requirements.txt     # To install only packages needed to play
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt # To install development packages as well
python       # Let's play!


Pickle's Fetch Quest uses flake8 to maintain PEP 8 compliance. Run flake8 on the project directory when contributing to ensure your code follows these guidelines. Tests are written using Python's unittest module.

flake8             # Lint codebase
python -m unittest # Run tests

Tests can also be run with coverage reporting.

coverage run -m unittest                        # Run tests with coverage
coverage report -m --skip-covered --include=./* # Report files without 100% coverage
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