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A standalone Java XML DOM parser and serializer
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After a number of bad experiences with XML parsing in Java I decided to write my own parser.

This project has the following characteristics; correct XML parsing, small, few dependencies, thread-safe, user friendly API, secure.

How to use

The unit tests in src/test/java/unittests can give you a good idea of the capabilities of SimpleXml. There are also a number of small example programs in src/test/java/tools that showcase various features.


The simplest case possible:

public class MyObject {
    String name;

MyObject object = new MyObject(); = "test";

final SimpleXml simple = new SimpleXml();

This code will output:


There are more serialization options

  • Renaming fields
  • Fields as attributes
  • Field as text node
  • Skipping fields

For more documentation on serializing look in src/docs/


The simplest case possible:

public class MyObject {
    String name;

final SimpleXml simple = new SimpleXml();
final MyObject object = simple.fromXml("<myobject><name>test</name></myobject>");

This code will output:


The deserializer will respect the same annotations as the serializer

  • Renamed fields
  • Attributes
  • Text nodes
  • Skipped fields

How to get

Its in maven central.


Or alternatively you can clone the repo and install locally:

git clone
cd simplexml
mvn install


The MIT license. And I left out the copyright notice everywhere because I just don't care.

Future Ideas

There are a bunch of features that I could add. In no particular order:

  • Support comments
  • Support CDATA blocks
  • XML streaming
    • Push and Pull
    • object, xpath
  • Validation
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