Plex Media Server plug-in designed for FMovies, G2G, Primewire and more.
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This is a plugin that creates a new channel in Plex Media Server to view content indexed by the website FMovies(.se|.to|.is), G2G,, YesMovies, Primewire

Note: The author of this plugin has no affiliation with any of the sites or the owners of the content that it indexes.

Please read the FMoviesPlus wiki for more info

System Requirements

  • Plex Media Server: ver. and above
    • Tested Working:
      • Windows
      • Linux (Due to PMS issue - requires SSL option enabled under Channel Prefs.)
      • MacOS (Due to PMS issue - requires SSL option enabled under Channel Prefs.)
  • Plex Clients:
    • Tested Working:
      • Plex Home Theater
      • Plex/Web
      • Samsung Plex App
      • Android M (Samsung Galaxy S6)
      • iOS (Apple iPhone6)
      • Chromecast

How To Install

  • Download the latest version of the plugin.
  • Unzip and rename folder to "FMoviesPlus.bundle"
  • Delete any previous versions of this bundle
  • Copy FMoviesPlus.bundle into the PMS plugins directory under your user account:
    • Windows 7, Vista, or Server 2008:
      • C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins
    • Windows XP, Server 2003, or Home Server:
      • C:\Documents and Settings[Your Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins
    • Mac/Linux:
      • ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins
  • Restart PMS
  • OR via WbTools

Features & Issues

Please visit the FMoviesPlus wiki for additional information.


  • mrknow for work on FMovies movie sources routine & Specto plugin for Kodi
  • lambda for HTTP Request routine for SSL/Alternate lambdalib for Kodi
  • youtube-dl / Tithen-Firion for their work on OpenLoad scraper
  • coryo123 for DumbTools-for-Plex
  • Twoure for AuthTools and valuable techinical insights and suggestions for JS routines, etc.
  • mikew for SS-Plex the inspiration for the Downloader
  • Pip Longrun for TrailerAddict API support & other trailer agents