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Provision remote development environments via Terraform


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Self-Hosted Cloud Development Environments

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Coder enables organizations to set up development environments in their public or private cloud infrastructure. Cloud development environments are defined with Terraform, connected through a secure high-speed Wireguard® tunnel, and automatically shut down when not used to save on costs. Coder gives engineering teams the flexibility to use the cloud for workloads most beneficial to them.

  • Define cloud development environments in Terraform
    • EC2 VMs, Kubernetes Pods, Docker Containers, etc.
  • Automatically shutdown idle resources to save on costs
  • Onboard developers in seconds instead of days


The most convenient way to try Coder is to install it on your local machine and experiment with provisioning cloud development environments using Docker (works on Linux, macOS, and Windows).

# First, install Coder
curl -L | sh

# Start the Coder server (caches data in ~/.cache/coder)
coder server

# Navigate to http://localhost:3000 to create your initial user,
# create a Docker template and provision a workspace


The easiest way to install Coder is to use our install script for Linux and macOS. For Windows, use the latest ..._installer.exe file from GitHub Releases.

curl -L | sh

You can run the install script with --dry-run to see the commands that will be used to install without executing them. Run the install script with --help for additional flags.

See install for additional methods.

Once installed, you can start a production deployment with a single command:

# Automatically sets up an external access URL on *
coder server

# Requires a PostgreSQL instance (version 13 or higher) and external access URL
coder server --postgres-url <url> --access-url <url>

Use coder --help to get a list of flags and environment variables. Use our install guides for a complete walkthrough.


Browse our docs here or visit a specific section below:

  • Templates: Templates are written in Terraform and describe the infrastructure for workspaces
  • Workspaces: Workspaces contain the IDEs, dependencies, and configuration information needed for software development
  • IDEs: Connect your existing editor to a workspace
  • Administration: Learn how to operate Coder
  • Enterprise: Learn about our paid features built for large teams


Feel free to open an issue if you have questions, run into bugs, or have a feature request.

Join our Discord to provide feedback on in-progress features and chat with the community using Coder!


We are always working on new integrations. Please feel free to open an issue and ask for an integration. Contributions are welcome in any official or community repositories.




We are always happy to see new contributors to Coder. If you are new to the Coder codebase, we have a guide on how to get started. We'd love to see your contributions!


Apply here if you're interested in joining our team.