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Assets 8

This is a feature release containing a nice set of new mapping features. A changelog of tracked issues can be found on the Bugtracker Changelog and the first post of the release announcement thread. This version ships a menu bugfix that slipped into the 2.2.0 release.

Windows Downloads

Windows x64: Download Installer | Download Portable
Windows x86: Download Installer | Download Portable

What's changed since 2.1.0

Changes include a lot of stabilisation fixes and other tweaks, but these are a few notable ones:

  • New Model Scale Manipulator to resize models in the editor and save the scaled model file as ASE
  • Rotation manipulator's pivot point is moveable now
  • Added Measurement tool for distance (Ctrl-Alt-MMB in OrthoView)
  • Added indicator to Layer Dialog to show whether anything in the current selection is part of this layer
  • Fixed various Linux-related crashes, bugs and compilation issues
  • Conversation Editor GUI improvements
  • Added support for shift/scale/rotation keywords of ASE model


For the folks compiling from source, the required windows dependencies can be found here (see also the README section):

Download 32 Bit Dependencies (also needed for a 64 Bit Build)
Download 64 Bit Dependencies

Also, refer to the Compilation Guide on our wiki. There are instructions for numerous Linux distributions as well as experimental guidance to compile DarkRadiant in Mac OS X.