A simple CRUD app using Twig and Symfony 3
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Simple CRUD app with Symfony 3 and Twig

This is an example of a very basic CRUD app using Symfony 3 and Twig.

This is the app made during the first few videos of this course.

The aim of this course is to show how you can use Symfony 3 (along with some other bundles) to quickly make a working RESTful API to use as the back end for any modern front-end framework - such as Angular, React, Ember, or any of the mobile app frameworks like Ionic, or desktop frameworks such as Electron.

To begin with, however, we cover how to make a CRUD app 'the old fashioned way', with static HTML.

Once you know how to do this, we will build on this knowledge to make our API, then create a few different front-ends to demonstrate working with the API.


This app was written using PHP 7. There may be backwards compatability issues, primarily around type hinting.