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This list contains the possible technologies that might be visible on a profile page, excluding the programming languages
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Tags White List

On a profile page, you can see someone's experience in different programming and other technologies. Since there are thousands of different technologies we use a white list to select technologies that might be visible someone's profile page. If a technology is not on this list then it won't be visible on the profile page even if you added as a topic to your repository or as a tag on StackOverflow.

How To Contribute?

If a technology is not on the list but you think deserves to be here add to the list. But please follow these simple rules when you add new technology to the list otherwise, we cannot accept it.

  • Provide the name of the technology, a link to the picture of the logo (if exists) and a short description
  • Keep the alphabetic order
  • Programming languages are excluded from the list since we get them from GitHub. Here you can find a list of programming languages supported by GitHub: If a programming language is on that list you don't need to put it here.

The format is as follows:

    "language_name": {
      "description": "Description",
      "image": "Image URL"

Both description and image are optional

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