Useful functions from researchers within the CoE and CCRC
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Useful functions from researchers within the CoE and CCRC


  1. First go to and register

  2. Then go the COE repository:

  3. On the top right hand side, click on the 'Fork' button, and you should see something like:"Your_Github_username"/climatescripts.git

  4. On your local machine, create a directory where you will keep a copy of the repository

  5. Follow the instructions from github on setting ssh-key transfer:

  6. Once done, cd to that directory, and Checkout the repository with git clone:

     git clone"Your_Github_username"/climatescripts.git
  7. Edit existing files or add your own

  8. Run git status - This tells you what files are being tracked, have changed etc.

  9. If you want to add new script file, use git add "file_name".

  10. Commit: Commit your changes and push them to your github account

    git commit -a -m "A useful message"
    git push
  11. Pull request: Go to, Press the pull request button on github (you will need to add a mesage). This sends a message to the admin person that you have added stuff, and that person decides whether to merge the code into the repository

Updating your local repository

To get the latest changes from the master repository you'll first need to tell git its address

 git remote add coecms git://

then update by running

git pull coecms master

Some Considerations

Please comment/document and indent your code - In Python, you do not get a choice, but not all other languages Please review other people's code whenever possible Very good basic GIT tutorials can be found at: In a netshell: git status; git add; git commit; git push; pull request It is usually better to commit incrementally, rather than once-off with lots of changes to the code

Running tests

Tests in this repository get automatically run by You can add your own tests by editing the Makefile