A tool for publishing Cofoundry docs from the repo to the cofoundry.org site
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The doc generator tool is used to copy, format and index doc files from the Cofoundry documentation repository into the cofoundry.org site. Key features are:

  • Copying files and standardizing file names to urls friendly values.
  • Markdown files are copied as-is into the same doc structure
  • Static resources are copied into a separate, public servable directory.
  • Files are copied to a folder based on the version of the docs being published (e.g. /0.5.0/)
  • Versions are indexed into a versions.json file in the root
  • The documentation file structure is indexed into a toc.json file which includes titles, paths and other information
  • Any redirects are parsed and inserted into the doc

For more information on the structure of the documentation see the main docs repo.