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This is the open-source edition of the Genius Semiconductor Device Simulator.
Genius is a commerical product of Cogenda Pte Ltd, Singapore.

 - 2D semiconductor device simulation
 - Drift-diffusion model;
 - Temperature corrected DD and lattice heating;
 - Energy-balance model;
 - A range of mobility models;
 - A range of Impact-ionization models;
 - Band-to-band tunneling;
 - Carrier trapping at defects;
 - Raytracing optics
 - 2D finite-element optics
 - DC, transient, small signal AC and mixed device/circuit simulation modes;
 - Flexible programming interface for user-defined material models
 - Flexible programming interface for user-defined pre-processing, post-processing and monitoring modules.
 - Interfaces to popular TCAD, CFD and visualization file formats such as TIF, CGNS, and VTK.

The open-source edition differs from the commercial version in the following aspects:
 - Parallel computation capability is removed.
 - Support for 3D device structure is removed.
 - Uses the Triangle 2D mesh generator, instead of a proprietary mesh generator.
 - Only a basic set of material models are provided.

Cogenda Pte Ltd