A python framework for EDA applications.
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pyEDA EDA Framework 
Copyright (c) 2010 Cogenda Pte Ltd, Singapore
This software is distributed under the GPLv3 (GNU General Public License version 3) license.

This is a python framework for several EDA (Electronic Design Automation) applications.
Currently, it supports the following applications:

 * 1D Semiconductor Device Simulation (TCAD)
 * Circuit Simulation (SPICE-like)
 * Compact Device Model Extraction

The following infrastructures are provided in this package to support the above (and potentially other) applications:
 * Automatic Differentiation
 * Non-linear Equation Solver
 * Differentiation of Implicitly-Defined Functions
 * Finite-Volume Discretization of PDEs
 * Parsing of some EDA data formats

This software package was designed as the teaching tool for a computational electronics course at senior/graduate level.
Due to its educational purposes, clarity is emphasized over efficiency.
Nevertheless, it is found useful in some pratical projects as well.