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REBL is a graphical, interactive tool for browsing Clojure data. REBL is extracted from Datomic tools developed by the Datomic Team at Cognitect, and is available for non-commercial use (per the EULA) free of charge. We hope that many Clojure developers will find it useful.


  • A two-pane browser/viewer system for viewing collections and their contents
  • Navigation into and back out of nested collections
  • A structured editor pane for entering expressions to be evaluated
  • A root browse of a history of expression evaluations
  • The ability to 'wrap' a stdio based REPL (e.g. Clojure's native REPL) so that it can monitor and display the interactions therein, while still allowing them to flow back to the host (e.g. the editor)
  • When used with non-stdio repls (e.g. nREPL), can be launched a la carte and accepts values to inspect via an API call
  • The ability to capture nested values as defs in the user namespace
  • The ability to run multiple independent UI windows
  • Metadata viewing
  • Datafy support
  • Extensibility to new browsers and viewers
  • Full keyboard control via hotkeys

REBL runs in your application JVM process, and can be used at dev-time without adding any runtime deps. The UI is written in JavaFX.

REBL Documentation