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Cognite Python Documentation

Documentation for packages used to interact with Cognite Data Platform (CDP)

Software Development Kit

$ pip install cognite-sdk

This package provides an interface to CDP in Python that is tightly integrated with Pandas. It lets you work with all the data in the platform in a simple and efficient manner.

Model Hosting Utilities

$ pip install cognite-model-hosting

This library provides certain utilities for working with the Model Hosting Environment made available through the Cognite API. It lets you create data specs describing data in the platform and methods for downloading the specified data.

More information on the hosting environment can be found here.

Model Hosting Notebook Integration

$ pip install cognite-model-hosting-notebook

This library provides a way for users of the Model Hosting Environment to deploy code to production directly from a Jupyter Notebook.

More information on the hosting environment can be found here.


Examples on using the Cognite Data Platform in Python can be found here. This github repository contains a collection of scripts and Jupyter Notebooks explaining how to use the platform to perform different tasks.

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