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Cognite examples and documentation for python.
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Cognite Python Documentation



Here you can find documentation and examples for all python packages needed for interacting with the Cognite Data Platform.

You may also want to take a look at the documentation for the the API



A collection of simple examples to get you started with CDP.

Model Hosting

A collection of Jupyter notebooks showing how to use the model hosting environment.


In order to start using these examples, you need to set up the following

Install Python

Here are instructions for installing Python on your system:

Set Environment Variables

An API key in the COGNITE_API_KEY environment variable.

You can set the environment variable on macOs or Linux like this


On Windows, you can follows these instructions.

Install Dependencies

You need to install the dependencies required to run through the examples. You can do this using pip (requirements.txt) or pipenv.

Using requirements.txt

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Using Pipenv

$ pipenv shell
$ pipenv sync --dev
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