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October, 27, 2016
Provides information related to API updates or releases

Currently supported versions

  • version 1

Versioning Policy

OnCrawl provides several versions of its API at a given point in time. Content of an API version is not frozen though and changes may arises without notice. To prevent breaking our customers code, changes within a given version is limited to:

  • adding new parameters to existing endpoint as long as the behaviour without those parameters remain the same.
  • Add new endpoints
  • Add new fields in endpoint's output. The last point is the most dangerous for our customers since some models libraries may break if schema changes.

Any other type of changes requires the API version to be bumped.

API Deprecation

When a new API version is released, the previous latest version is marked deprecated. One year later, the deprecated version is shutdown. A deprecated API provides a Deprecation HTTP header in response providing the date when the API will be shutdown, formatted in ISO-8601.


  • API consumers must pay attention to this header to prevent any breaking API change.
  • Once an API is declared deprecated, API consumers have one year to migrate their code the latest one.