Coherence Incubator
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Coherence Incubator Source Repository

The Oracle Coherence Incubator Project defines a collection of examples, organized as Apache Maven modules, demonstrating advanced uses of Oracle Coherence.

Official information about this project including the definition, licensing, contributors, maintainers, issue tracking, releases, source code and contact information is available at:

Repository Structure

This repository contains many branches of development for the Oracle Coherence Incubator, each based on different major revisions of Oracle Coherence.

Coherence Incubator 13 (for Coherence 12.2.x)

Development Documentation:

Development Branch: develop-13

Coherence Incubator 12 (for Coherence 12.1.x)

Release Documentation:

Development Branch: develop-12

Coherence Incubator 11 (for Coherence 3.7.1.x)

Release Documentation:

Development Branch: develop-11