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A List of Foundational Haskell Papers
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A List of Foundational Haskell Papers

A Quick Note about Licensing

This repo is a collection of links to various papers, and as such, may go out of date intermittently as resources shuffle around the web. It would be greatly appreciated if people raise issues when these pdf's have dead links, as it helps us all maintain the most up to date set of resources. Additionally, you may find that the "set of links" approach is tedious. This is done to avoid any sort of licensing concerns. If anyone has a better idea of the implications (especially licensing) of hosting the actual papers, the end goal would ideally be to serve as a kind of library. Feel free to find me to discuss. Thanks, Emily.


The Beginning: The Eugenio Moggi Papers

Propositions as Types

Haskell Semantics and Design Spaces

Type Systems

Misc Parametricity

Misc TypeChecking + PLT

Functional pearls

Algebra of programming

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