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Welcome to Colab's new space!

Hi, Olá, Moi 🤗

This is a proposal to organize Colab's information and documentation and create the tools to develop it as a project in the most open way possible. At this stage we're starting with a small group of diehard contributors who are exploring Colab's value and usefulness and improvements in enabling more diverse contributions.

We are trying GitHub as our project space to define and give form to Colab's latest iteration and eventually transition to a more accessible platform. So here's a little guide for now:

Discussions is where we make proposals and decisions on the progress of the project.

Projects is where we organize tasks and activities for what we want to achieve.

Repositories is where the things we're making are, from website to documentation.

If you want to know a little more about this proposal, where it comes from and who has been behind it so far, while patiently waiting for the next version of this file, please read the intro post that @Pedro published on discussions: Back to Colab.

See you soon, Até já, Hei hei! 🙂


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