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ColdBox Elixir Browsersync Support

This extension brings Browsersync support to ColdBox Elixir version 2 and up. Prior to that release, Browsersync was baked in.

Step 1: Install

npm install coldbox-elixir-browsersync --save-dev

Step 2: Use It

Within your Gulpfile, add:

elixir(function(mix) {
  mix.browserSync( {
	proxy: 'localhost:12345'
  } );

Where localhost:12345 is the host and port of your app.

You can add any BrowserSync options in the object passed to mix.browsersync() (See

Contributions and Bugs

Project tracking for this project can be found at the Ortus Solutions Jira. Please log all bugs, improvements, and features there.

Pull requests are welcome and encouraged. Please check on the Jira page before starting any large amount of work so your time isn't wasted.

Brad Wood (@bdw429s) has a great guide on submitting pull requests. If you are unsure where to go, in need of help, or have a question, come ask in the #box-products channel on the CFML Slack.


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