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Welcome to our amazing S3 Amazon Explorer.

Based on Joe Danziger ( with much help from dorioo on the Amazon S3 Forums.

  • Thanks to Steve Hicks for the bucket ACL updates.
  • Thanks to Carlos Gallupa for the EU storage location updates.
  • Thanks to Joel Greutman for the fix on the getObject link.
  • Thanks to Jerad Sloan for the Cache Control headers.
  • Thanks to Curt Gratz for collaboration and fixes
  • Thanks to Alagukannap "Al" for his constributions

Important Links


Use CommandBox to install the module:

box install s3explorer


You will have to create a struct called s3sdk in your ColdBox configuration config/Coldbox.cfc in order for the SDK to connect to Amazon with your credentials:

s3sdk = {
    // Your amazon access key
    accessKey = "",
    // Your amazon secret key
    secretKey = "",
    // The default encryption character set
    encryption_charset = "utf-8",
    // SSL mode or not on cfhttp calls.
    ssl = false,
    // Temp directory before uploading to s3
    tempuploaddirectory = "/tmp"

Once installed just visit the entry point: /s3explorer and enjoy your S3 Buckets.