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A device bridge for use between Alexa, Google Home and Node-Red.

  • Alexa Skill status: RELEASED
  • Google Home status: submitted/ under review

Using the hosted instance and want to support ongoing hosting costs/ want to support the ongoing development project, donate:


All interfaces/ capabilities are supported by Alexa whereas only a sub-set are supported by Google Assistant.

Note that there are restrictions based on region/ locale, Amazon publish and update their region-specific restrictions here.

The API manages supported devices for you via respective smart home device discovery requests, as a result Node-RED payloads are the same for both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Alexa Interface Google Trait Supported Controls Example Usage Useful Links
Brightness Control Brightness 0-100%, increase, reduce, dim MQTT Out Any MQTT-enabled bulb/ smart light
Channel Control Experimental (number only) Any number or name, i.e. 101, BBC 1, Channel 4 HTTP Out Any HTTP-enabled endpoint
Contact Sensor ContactSensor No commands Note you can also use this interface as a trigger. N/A "Alexa, is the Kitchen window open?"
Color Control ColorSetting Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow etc. MQTT Out Any MQTT-enabled bulb/ smart light
Color Temperature Control ColorSetting Warm, Warm White, Incandescent, Soft White, White, Daylight, Daylight White, Cool, Cool White*** MQTT Out Any MQTT-enabled bulb/ smart light
Input Control Not Supported HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, phono, audio1, audio2 and "chromecast" Yamaha Music Cast Amplifier node-red-contrib-avr-yamaha
Lock Control Experimental Lock, Unlock MQTT Out Any MQTT connected Lock
Motion Sensor MotionSensor No commands You can use this interface as a trigger with Alexa N/A
Playback Control Experimental Play, Pause, Stop, FastForward, Rewind, StartOver, Next, Previous Kodi RPC Http Response Node with Kodi RPC Commands
Percentage Controller Not Supported 0-100%, increase %, decrease % HTTP Out, MQTT Out Fans, AC Unit
Power Control OnOff On, Off MQTT Out Any MQTT-enabled switch, Socket etc
Scene Control Scene Turn On Multiple String together a number of nodes for your scene, i.e. lighting, TV on, ACR on
Speaker Experimental +/- volume, set to specific number, mute Yamaha Music Cast Amplifier node-red-contrib-avr-yamaha
Speaker (Step) Not Supported (use Speaker) +/- volume, mute Yamaha Music Cast Amplifier node-red-contrib-avr-yamaha
Temperature Sensor Not Supported No commands N/A View/ query temperature in any room by voice or Alexa App
Thermostats Control (Single setpoint only) TemperatureSetting Set specific temp**, increase/ decrease MQTT Out Any MQTT connected thermostat/HVAC

State Reporting

Alexa Room States Alexa Light Off Alexa Light On Alexa Brightness On


Note there are 3 component parts to this service:

At present this skill is pre-production, but I can extend it to you (alternatively deploy the component parts!).

This project is forked from Ben Hardill's Alexa Smart Home API v2 project:

With the main changes being:

  • Addition of Google Assistant support, working alongside Alexa
  • State Reporting within the Alexa App/ Google Home App itself (see screenshots above for examples)
  • Client-side error messages (via Node-RED)
  • "Modular" NodeJS service architecture
  • Upgraded to Alexa Home Skill "API v3" (enables Play, Pause, Stop, Volume etc. control)
  • Web app/ site upgrade to Bootstrap v4 (with minor UI changes)
  • All NodeJS web-app pre-reqs being upgraded to vCurrent (at time of publication)
  • Remediation of various, depreciated NodeJS/ Mongoose functions
  • Move to MongoDB Sessions vs Express Sessions
  • API-driven temperature/ value out of range errors
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