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Cole Geissinger's DotFiles

Contains all the good stuff that produces my preferred configuration on my computer

There is absolutely NO guarantee for this project to work on your machine. Only use this if you know what you are doing. This was setup and tested on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


Clone the GitHub repo

I prefer it in the root of my user directory of the Mac so we'll clone it there.

git clone ~/DotFiles
cd ~/DotFiles

Install our Dependencies

If you wish, you can install what you need individually, comment out what you don't want or just run it. Let's assume you want it all.

This script will install


Update your Git Name and Email

Since one of the scripts being built is the .gitconfig, you should make sure you edit the name and email you want to use for your Git commits. This can be found in the .gitconfig dotfile and look for the [user] code.

	name = Your Name
	email =

Update or Configure the Aliases

In the .aliases file, you'll find a list of very help aliases to cut down on your command line typing. There are also some specific to my file system and infrastructure that probable will be irrelevant to you. The lines of code that you probably won't need is everything under the "Website Shortcuts".

Review and Update the Applications to be Installed

These Dotfiles make use of Brew Cask to pragmatically install the applications I need installed on my Mac. You should Review the list I have in the .brew file and make any adjustments you need.

Initialize the Bootstrap

Now that we have configured everything, lets run the bootstrap file by entering the command below into terminal. The bootstrap file will pull all the files from the repo and add to the root of your user account.

I feel it's important to keep the cloned repo separate from the actual files the OS will utilize.


Run the install

Ok, everything set, lets run the script and get our dotfiles working!



That's it! Your Mac should be setup as you see fit!

Complete Application List

Below is a complete list of applications that will be installed by Homebrew Cask