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import datetime
import operator
from flask import request
from flask_peewee.forms import BaseModelConverter
from flask_peewee._compat import reduce
from peewee import *
from wtforms import fields
from wtforms import form
from wtforms import validators
from wtforms import widgets
class QueryFilter(object):
Basic class representing a named field (with or without a list of options)
and an operation against a given value
def __init__(self, field, name, options=None):
self.field = field = name
self.options = options
def query(self, value):
raise NotImplementedError
def operation(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def get_options(self):
return self.options
class EqualQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field == value
def operation(self):
return 'equal to'
class NotEqualQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field != value
def operation(self):
return 'not equal to'
class LessThanQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field < value
def operation(self):
return 'less than'
class LessThanEqualToQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field <= value
def operation(self):
return 'less than or equal to'
class GreaterThanQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field > value
def operation(self):
return 'greater than'
class GreaterThanEqualToQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field >= value
def operation(self):
return 'greater than or equal to'
class StartsWithQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return fn.Lower(fn.Substr(self.field, 1, len(value))) == value.lower()
def operation(self):
return 'starts with'
class ContainsQueryFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
return self.field ** ('%%%s%%' % value)
def operation(self):
return 'contains'
class YearFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
value = int(value)
return self.field.year == value
def operation(self):
return 'year equals'
class MonthFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
value = int(value)
return self.field.month == value
def operation(self):
return 'month equals'
class WithinDaysAgoFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
value = int(value)
return self.field >= ( - datetime.timedelta(days=value))
def operation(self):
return 'within X days ago'
class OlderThanDaysAgoFilter(QueryFilter):
def query(self, value):
value = int(value)
return self.field < ( - datetime.timedelta(days=value))
def operation(self):
return 'older than X days ago'
class FilterMapping(object):
Map a peewee field to a list of valid query filters for that field
string = (
EqualQueryFilter, NotEqualQueryFilter, StartsWithQueryFilter,
numeric = (
EqualQueryFilter, NotEqualQueryFilter, LessThanQueryFilter,
GreaterThanQueryFilter, LessThanEqualToQueryFilter,
datetime_date = (numeric + (
WithinDaysAgoFilter, OlderThanDaysAgoFilter, YearFilter, MonthFilter))
foreign_key = (EqualQueryFilter, NotEqualQueryFilter)
boolean = (EqualQueryFilter, NotEqualQueryFilter)
def get_field_types(self):
return {
CharField: 'string',
TextField: 'string',
DateTimeField: 'datetime_date',
DateField: 'datetime_date',
TimeField: 'numeric',
IntegerField: 'numeric',
BigIntegerField: 'numeric',
FloatField: 'numeric',
DoubleField: 'numeric',
DecimalField: 'numeric',
BooleanField: 'boolean',
PrimaryKeyField: 'numeric',
ForeignKeyField: 'foreign_key',
def convert(self, field):
mapping = self.get_field_types()
for klass in type(field).__mro__:
if klass in mapping:
mapping_fn = getattr(self, 'convert_%s' % mapping[klass])
return mapping_fn(field)
# fall back to numeric
return self.convert_numeric(field)
def convert_string(self, field):
return [f(field, field.verbose_name, field.choices) for f in self.string]
def convert_numeric(self, field):
return [f(field, field.verbose_name, field.choices) for f in self.numeric]
def convert_datetime_date(self, field):
return [f(field, field.verbose_name, field.choices) for f in self.datetime_date]
def convert_boolean(self, field):
boolean_choices = [('True', '1', 'False', '')]
return [f(field, field.verbose_name, boolean_choices) for f in self.boolean]
def convert_foreign_key(self, field):
return [f(field, field.verbose_name, field.choices) for f in self.foreign_key]
class FieldTreeNode(object):
def __init__(self, model, fields, children=None):
self.model = model
self.fields = fields
self.children = children or {}
def make_field_tree(model, fields, exclude, force_recursion=False, seen=None):
no_explicit_fields = fields is None # assume we want all of them
if no_explicit_fields:
fields = model._meta.sorted_field_names
exclude = exclude or []
seen = seen or set()
model_fields = []
children = {}
for field_obj in model._meta.sorted_fields:
if in exclude or field_obj in seen:
if in fields:
if isinstance(field_obj, ForeignKeyField):
if no_explicit_fields:
rel_fields = None
rel_fields = [
rf.replace('%s__' %, '') \
for rf in fields if rf.startswith('%s__' %
if not rel_fields and force_recursion:
rel_fields = None
rel_exclude = [
rx.replace('%s__' %, '') \
for rx in exclude if rx.startswith('%s__' %
children[] = make_field_tree(field_obj.rel_model, rel_fields, rel_exclude, force_recursion, seen)
return FieldTreeNode(model, model_fields, children)
class SmallSelectWidget(widgets.Select):
def __call__(self, field, **kwargs):
kwargs['class'] = 'span2'
return super(SmallSelectWidget, self).__call__(field, **kwargs)
class FilterForm(object):
base_class = form.Form
separator = '-'
field_operation_prefix = 'fo_'
field_value_prefix = 'fv_'
field_relation_prefix = 'fr_'
def __init__(self, model, model_converter, filter_mapping, fields=None, exclude=None):
self.model = model
self.model_converter = model_converter
self.filter_mapping = filter_mapping
# convert fields and exclude into a tree
self._field_tree = make_field_tree(model, fields, exclude)
self._query_filters = self.load_query_filters()
def load_query_filters(self):
query_filters = {}
queue = [self._field_tree]
while queue:
curr = queue.pop(0)
for field in curr.fields:
query_filters[field] = self.filter_mapping.convert(field)
return query_filters
def get_operation_field(self, field):
choices = []
for i, query_filter in enumerate(self._query_filters[field]):
choices.append((str(i), query_filter.operation()))
return fields.SelectField(choices=choices, validators=[validators.Optional()], widget=SmallSelectWidget())
def get_field_default(self, field):
if isinstance(field, DateTimeField):
elif isinstance(field, DateField):
elif isinstance(field, TimeField):
return datetime.time(0, 0)
return field.default
def get_value_field(self, field):
field_name, form_field = self.model_converter.convert(field.model_class, field, None)
form_field.kwargs['default'] = self.get_field_default(field)
form_field.kwargs['validators'] = [validators.Optional()]
return form_field
def get_field_dict(self, node=None, prefix=None):
field_dict = {}
node = node or self._field_tree
for field in node.fields:
op_field = self.get_operation_field(field)
val_field = self.get_value_field(field)
field_dict['%s%s' % (self.field_operation_prefix,] = op_field
field_dict['%s%s' % (self.field_value_prefix,] = val_field
for prefix, node in node.children.items():
child_fd = self.get_field_dict(node, prefix)
field_dict['%s%s' % (self.field_relation_prefix, prefix)] = fields.FormField(
return field_dict
def get_form(self, field_dict):
return type(
self.model.__name__ + 'FilterForm',
(self.base_class, ),
def parse_query_filters(self):
# reconstruct the "select" and "value" fields we are searching for in the
# arguments from the request by depth-first searching the field tree --
# basically what we should have at the end is the field we're querying,
# the type of query (QueryFilter), the value requested, and the path we
# took to get there (joins)
accum = {}
def _dfs(node, prefix, models, join_columns):
for field in node.fields:
qf_select = self.field_operation_prefix.join((prefix,
qf_value = self.field_value_prefix.join((prefix,
if qf_select in request.args and qf_value in request.args:
accum.setdefault(field, [])
for child_prefix, child in node.children.items():
new_prefix = prefix + self.field_relation_prefix + child_prefix + self.separator
model_copy = list(models) + [child.model]
join_copy = list(join_columns) + [child_prefix]
_dfs(child, new_prefix, model_copy, join_copy)
_dfs(self._field_tree, '', [], [])
return accum
def process_request(self, query):
field_dict = self.get_field_dict()
FormClass = self.get_form(field_dict)
form = FormClass(request.args)
query_filters = self.parse_query_filters()
cleaned = []
for field, filters in query_filters.items():
for (filter_idx_list, filter_value_list, path, join_path, qf_s, qf_v) in filters:
query = query.switch(self.model)
for join, model in zip(join_path, path):
query = query.join(model, on=join)
q_objects = []
for filter_idx, filter_value in zip(filter_idx_list, filter_value_list):
idx = int(filter_idx)
cleaned.append((qf_s, idx, qf_v, filter_value))
query_filter = self._query_filters[field][idx]
query = query.where(reduce(operator.or_, q_objects))
return form, query, cleaned
class FilterModelConverter(BaseModelConverter):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(FilterModelConverter, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.defaults = dict(self.defaults)
self.defaults[TextField] = fields.TextField
self.defaults[DateTimeField] = fields.DateTimeField