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Colins ALM Corner VSO Extensions

This repo contains some simple extensions written in TypeScript - see Extensions for Visual Studio Online. For more on how I built this extension, see my blog post.

Getting started


  1. Join the Visual Studio Partner program to get early access to the Extensions feature
  2. Verify the Extensions feature has been enabled on your account by navigating to
  3. Available local or cloud web server with HTTPS (IIS, Node.js, Azure Web App, Heroku, etc)


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Browse to the folder of the extension you are interested in trying
  3. Publish the contents of the extension to a local or cloud web server
  1. Update this extension manifest file:
  • Update the baseUri field to be the fully-qualified URL to the root of your web server, for example: https://myserver
  1. Install the extension into your Visual Studio Online account
  • Navigate to (replace youraccount with your real account name)
  • Click Install and browse to your manifest file, for example extension-me.json
  • Click OK

What's available

Retry Build


Retry a build from the Completed Builds view.