A Gold Standard for Emotions Annotation in Stack Overflow
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A Gold Standard for Emotion Annotation in Stack Overflow

A Gold Standard 4,800 questions, answers, and comments from Stack Overflow, manually annotated for emotions.

Fair Use Policy

Please, cite the following paper if you intend to use our dataset for your own research:

N. Novielli, F. Calefato, F. Lanubile. 2018. A Gold Standard For Emotion Annotation in Stack Overflow. In Proc. Int’l Conf. on Mining Software Repositories (MSR’18), Gothenburg, Sweden, May 28-29, 2018, DOI: 10.1145/3196398.3196453.

The dataset has been used for developing a toolkit for emotion detection from technical text: https://github.com/collab-uniba/Emotion_and_Polarity_SO