An emotion-polarity classifier specifically trained on developers' communication channels
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Senti4SD is an emotion polarity classifier specifically trained to support sentiment analysis in developers' communication channels. Senti4SD is trained and evaluated on a gold standard of over 4K posts extracted from Stack Overflow.

Fair Use Policy

Please, cite the following paper if you intend to use our tool for your own research:

F. Calefato, F. Lanubile, F. Maiorano N. Novielli. “Sentiment Polarity Detection for Software Development”, to appear in Empirical Software Engineering, DOI: 10.1007/s10664-017-9546-9

NOTE: You will need to install Git LFS extension to check out this project. Once installed and initialized, simply run:

$ git lfs clone

How do I get set up?

To set up the tool, simply run the following script from the command line:

$ sh

To run the script you need:

  • Java 8
  • R

The script will also install, if not already present, three R packages:


To classify your data using Senti4SD, execute the following instruction from the command line:

$ cd ClassificationTask
$ sh inputCorpus.csv outputPredictions.csv

where inputCorpus.csv is a file containing the data you want to classify, considering a document for each line, and outputPredictions.csv is where the predictions will be saved. This last parameter is optional, if not present the output of the classification will be saved in a file called predictions.csv.

To see how the tool works, you can execute the following example:

$ cd ClassificationTask
$ sh Sample.csv

This will produce as output a csv file called predictions.csv.

Who do I talk to?