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🏗️ Getting Started with Docker

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  • A $0 Learning Platform for All Levels - from the ground Up
  • Over 500+ Highly Interactive Docker Tutorials and Guides
  • Well tested on Docker Desktop and can be run on Browser (no Infrastructure required)

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Featured Blog Posts and Articles

📌 Workshop/Labs (Hands-On Practical Labs)

Title Topics Covered Labs
Getting Started Why, What & How about Docker?(slides) -
Docker for Beginner Docker Image, Container, Dockerfile, Volumes, Networking 40
Docker for Intermediate Docker Compose, Swarm, Advanced Networking 50
Docker for Advanced Docker Security, Content Trust, Image Scanning, Swarm Mode Security 31
Docker Desktop Docker Dashboard, Dev Environments, Extensions 5

Latest Docker Desktop Features and Demos

Title Topics Covered Category Labs
Docker Scout Scout CLI, Scout Sample Demo Security 2
Docker Extensions Docker Extensions Development Tools 1
Docker init Dockerfile, Compose, Python, Go, Rust, Node Developer Tools 5
Docker init for Python Dockerfile, Compose, Python Developer Tools 1
Docker init for Go Dockerfile, Compose, Go Developer Tools 1
Docker init for Rust Dockerfile, Compose, Rust Developer Tools 1
Docker init for ASP.NET Dockerfile, Compose, .NET Developer Tools 1
Docker init for PHP Dockerfile, Compose, PHP Developer Tools 1
Compose Watch Compose, Sync, Rebuild Developer Tools 1
Compose Include Compose, Include Developer Tools 1
Compose Profile Compose, Profile, Staging, Prod Developer Tools 1

Industry Use cases

Title Topics Covered Labs
Docker for AI Docker for Data Scientist 1
Docker for Leading IDEs Developer IDEs Not Started
Docker for Financial Service - Not Started
Docker for Healthcare - Not Started

Containerd Blogs & Resources

Title Topics Covered Labs
What is Containerd and what problems does it solve - Not Started
Containerd and Kubernetes - Not Started
How To Run Containerd On Docker Desktop - Not Started
Getting Started With Containerd 2.0 - Not Started
Containerd Vs Docker: What’s the difference? - Not Started

Docker WorkShop for Beginners


Getting Started with Docker Image

Accessing & Managing Docker Container

Getting Started with Dockerfile

Creating Private Docker Registry

Docker Volumes

Docker Networking

Docker Workshop for Intermediate Users

Docker Compose

Docker Swarm

Introduction to Docker Swarm

Docker Services | Scaling | Draining Node | Rescheduling Containers

Docker Networking - II

Overlay Networking

Implementing MacVLAN

Docker Workshop for Advance Users

Docker Security101

Docker Content Trust

Docker Secrets Management

Docker Secret Management with UCP

Docker Network Security

Security Scanning

Swarm Mode Security

🔥 Concepts and Terminologies (Beginners to Advance)

🗃️ Sample App

We recommend you to visit Docker Awesome Compose Repository in order to find the Compose files for running sample apps

Web Framework

Docker + Django + PostgreSQL
Python + Flask + Redis

React + Spring + MySQL
React + Express + MySQL
React + Express + MongoDB
React + Rust + PostgreSQL
React + Nginx

Go + NGINX + PostgreSQL
Docker + Gomodule

Java / Spring Boot
Spring + PostgreSQL
Java Spark + MySQL


Docker + Django + PostgreSQL

NGINX + Flask + MongoDB
NodeJS + MongoDB



Docker + Prometheus Stack + Docker Swarm


Docker + Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana + Docker Swarm
Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana

Testing Tools

Apache JMeter
Docker + Apache Jmeter + Docker Swarm Mode


Docker + MacVLAN
Docker + Docker Compose & IPv6


Docker Security
Introduction to Docker Security
Running Containers as ROOT

Docker Scout Resources and Links

This is a curated list of Docker Scout related resources. It is not an official list, but a community effort to help people find the best stuff for Docker Scout in 2023 and beyond.

Download Docker Scout Cheatsheet Now!! badge

Scout Blogs

Scout Tutorials

GitHub Sample projects for Scout

Scout Case Studies

Scout Featured Videos

Docker Scout: Securing The Complete Software Supply Chain (DockerCon 2023) Cut Through Vulnerability Noise with Runtime Insights (DockerCon 2023)
Docker Scout Docker Scout
Docker Scout: Live Demo, Insights, and Q&A Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting
Docker Scout Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting
Find Vulnerabilities Fast! New Docker CLI Command Adding the docker scout feature to the Docker CLI
Docker Scout Docker Scout
How to scan Container image using Docker Scout Docker Scout Tutorial: Docker scanning
Docker Scout Docker Scout
TECHarlas #3 - Supply chain, Docker Scout y seguridad en contenedores con Felipe Cruz de @DockerIo
Docker Scout

👥 Governance

Dockerlabs is an independent community project founded by Ajeet Singh Raina, a Docker Captain from India & Docker Community Leader which is now being built & shaped by a growing community of contributors across the globe.

Core Contributors

Ajeet Singh Raina
Ajeet Singh Raina

Sangam Biradar
Sangam Biradar

Savio Mathew
Savio Mathew

Saiyam Pathak
Saiyam Pathak

Apurva Bhandari
Apurva Bhandari

Sarkar Tathagata
Sarkar Tathagata

Prashansa K
Prashansa K


Akshit Grover
Akshit Grover

Ameya Agashe
Ameya Agashe


🚀 How to Contribute

Thank you so much for showing your interest in contributing to Dockerlabs tutorials.

Guide to submitting your own tutorial
Template for writing Tutorial Page


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