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Collection+JSON Extensions
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Collection+JSON Extensions

This repo contains rough working documents on suggested extensions to the Collection+JSON format. To be included here, an extension MUST NOT introduce any breaking changes to the existing spec. IOW, adding the extension to a response MUST NOT cause any existing (compliant) implementation to break.


Generally, the guidelines for creating extentions are:

  • Don't Take Away Stuff : You MUST NOT remove any existing element that is already defined in the Cj documentation.
  • Don't Redefined Stuff : You MUST NOT change the meaning or processing rules for any existing element.
  • All New Stuff is Optional : Any new element MUST be OPTIONAL. You MUST NOT create a new REQUIRED element in a Cj representation.


Adding an extension here is really easy. Here's the typical process:

  • Post to the Cj List : Send a note to the list suggestion an extension (or outlining the one you already created)
  • Work up an Example : Write up a simple example w/ text that describes the extension, what it is used for, etc. Be sure to reference the discussion thread in the forum to help people coming later to find the background
  • Do a PR to the Repo : Execute a Pull Request against the extensions repo (that includes your example MD file). This will kick off the final discussion and result in an addition to the repo.

If you have any Qs, suggestions, etc. on how to make this process better, feel free to post to the Cj forum.

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