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1.6.8 (unreleased)
- Nothing changed yet.
1.6.7 (2015-07-30)
- Fix crash and cleanup in SimpleVocabulary when editing untranslated canonical
- Extend tests on translated SimpleVocabulary and fix regressions
- return preferred language if lp and item is lang neutral
- Plone5 compatibility
- Added interfaces for all vocabularies and terms
1.6.6 (2014-02-06)
- Nothing changed yet.
1.6.5 (2014-02-06)
- Fix simplevocabulary_view folder actions by including p.protect.authenticator
in form.
- Fix vocabularytool_view folder actions by including p.protect.authenticator
in form.
- Fixed vocabularytool_view folder actions buttons display by passing title
instead of name
- Append nothing to tabsindex expression in order to avoid errors for Plone 4.x
- Added an ignored, optional id to the __init__ of portal_vocabularies, to make it
possible to import it from GenericSetup. [regebro]
- Fix SimpleVocabulary sorting issue: sometimes order in folder were ignored
1.6.4 (2013-03-26)
- Fixed simplevocabulary_view and set as default view for SimpleVocabulary
and SortedSimpleVocabulary [petschki]
- Add 'empty_first_item' and 'custom_empty_first_item' extra params to NamedVocabulary
for getting empty item on top of the display list [simahawk]
- Compatibility with plone 4.3 [kiorky]
1.6.3 (2013-01-16)
- Add and update some files to support a stand-alone buildout. [pjstevns]
- Update and cleanup the test code for PEP8 and pyflakes, fix deprecation
warnings, remove ZopeTestCase. [pjstevns]
- Update the content-types for current Plone practice (GS, FTI). This
probably makes things compatible with plone4+ only. [pjstevns]
- Bind Content-types to Default workflow. [pjstevns]
- Removed long deprecated "Properties" tab in types [keul]
- Refactoring of the i18n structure (new translations, and no more needs of a
manual.pot file) [keul]
- Added italian translation [keul]
- Removed old-styles Zope2 interfaces [keul]
- Move old i18n folder to current locales [toutpt]
- Add fetchValuePathFromVDict to get path in tree vocabulary [toutpt]
- Extract install_requires to separate variable. [pjstevns]
1.6.2 (2012-03-22)
- Avoid breaking the import of \*.zexp-files when an vocabularies don't exist
anymore, but instantiated object still exist in the import-file.
- Added field 'showTermPath' for vdex vocabularies, to manually turn of the
term path. [jensens] [hpeteragitator]
- Added field 'showLeafsOnly' for vdex vocabularies, to change if only the leaf
of the vocabulary tree can be selected. [jensens] [hpeteragitator]
- Refactored getDisplayList for vdex vocabularies [jensens] [hpeteragitator]
- Run i18ndude and updated german translations [hpeteragitator]
- Let createSimpleVocabs accept dictionary keys as tuples of (id, title) (like
createHierarchicalVocabs already does), to enable one to give the vocabulary
a title.
1.6.1 (2011-05-02)
- Avoid deprecation warnings [WouterVH]
- Update metadata-files and folder-structure to current conventions. [WouterVH]
- Add `z3c.autoinclude` entry point for automatic ZCML loading in Plone 3.3+.
- Add to include top-level \*.txt-files. [WouterVH]
1.6 - 2011-02-22
- Don't fetch version and shortdesc from metadata.xml - this is wrong. [jensens]
1.6.0a2 - 2011-02-18
- Changed method of dermining if LinguaPlone is installed. Asking QI does not
work in Plone4. [naro]
- Added some missing dependencies, and a new extra section to
This helps to get a simple buildout cfg for testing against plone4. [do3cc]
- Added some sleeps between installs in the tests, else genericsetup
creates ids twice, and fails. [do3cc]
- Temporary deactivated two checks in the tests. With
Products.CMFQuickInstaller>=3.0.3, the portal_vocabularies don't get
deleted during uninstall. [do3cc]
- Restructured test setup, since call semantics changed. [do3cc]
1.6.0a1 - 2010-07-16
- Fixed deprecated API call to registerType without Package Name. Works now for
Plone4. [thet]
- Added Products.LinguaPlone as test dependency to extras_require and begun
fixing tests. [thet]
- Removed old slow VDEX implementation; added stub for import/export of vocabs
with generixsetup; added support for vdex import with genericsetup. [jensens]
1.4.2 - 2008-06-04
- Added spanish translations provided by Diego Municio
- Merged in Duke's patch for multilingual csv import for simple vocabularies.
Cfr. [fRiSi]
- Fixed test setup so ATVM is set up using the new GS profile added by naro.
(tested with plone 3.1.1 buildout)
this fixes
- Got rid of tests.framework. [fRiSi]
- Added imsvdex as a required dependency in which makes it unnecessary
to ``easy_install imsvdex`` for people using buildout. [fRiSi]
- Added GenericSetup profile, removed [naro]
before 1.4
- Workaround for #46 Upload from Windows/IE creates wrong ID. [jensens]
- Made new VdexFileVocabulary as default for upload form. [jensens]
- Add alternative vdex vocabulary, much faster. [jensens]
- Added convinience method to vocabulary library (tool) which returns
a dictionary with key=vocbaulary id and value=title of vocabulary (language
aware. [jensens]
- Added convinience function to make it easier to fetch a value from a
vocabulary dictionary (utils.vocabs.fetchValueByKeyFromVocabularyDict). [jensens]
- Adding css handles to various elements of portal_vocabulary user
interface, so that if desired, one can easily dumb down the user
interface for less technical clients with css, but not override the template
- Language negotation to make sure the cache is language aware. [jensens]
- In types/simple/, applied patch of issue #4
(sorting of simple vocabularies) [fRiSi]
- In doc/simplevocabulary.txt, add doctest testing the sorting of simplevocabularies
sorting might not yet work with translated vocabularies. I added a section to
test this, but did not yet write the tests there. [fRiSi]
-, configure.zcml,, types/simple/ [rocky]
- "renamed events" are now fired when the title of any term is updated. [rocky]
- "deleted events" are now fired when a term is deleted from a
vocabulary; this particular feature will only work when running on
Zope 2.9 or higher (note: this doesn't make ATVM dependent on Zope 2.9)
- types/tree/, types/simple/
replaced ``if not instance is None:`` with a try-except.
if you are on a type that is not linguaplone enabled,
and using a vocabulary you got an error when creating an
object of this type because getLanguage raised an AttributeError. [fRiSi]
- types/tree/
to fix
in the meantime i solved the problem with the "hack solution"
to take away the IVocabulary interface from the term that is
extending the vocabulary. [fRiSi]
(see the issue above for more information.)
- Makefile
added a new target `clean` that removes stale pyc files and ``-~`` backup
files [fRiSi]
- used to not add the keypath of a term if the search for a
term uid in uid-catalog returned more than one value. proceeding and just taking
the first result is better than silently ignoring the path for this item. [fRiSi]
- In Extensions/, did a cleaner check for BadRequest Error in case the tool already
existed at install time (also added basic tests for installing/uninstalling/and
reinstalling the product. [fRiSi]
- In Extensions/, self.portal.portal_properties.navtree_properties.metaTypesNotToList
is a tuple by default (on a freshly created plonesite)
ATVM creates a list at installation time and removes the tool from this list at
uninstallation. If other products get installed between installing
and uninstalling, they possibly change metaTypesNotToList back to a tuple again.
changed the installer and uninstaller to operate on and return a tuple here.
(should fix [fRiSi]
- tests/
tests for the installation and uninstallation of the product.
agreed with jens that we could do a zexp of the vocabularies at uninstallation
in case this was done by accident.
( [fRiSi]
- types/simple/ removed bug, which stops me from adding new terms. [jensens]
- In types/simple/, SimpleVocabularyTerms now return the canoncial's id
as key. This differs from the current behaviour but is essential for translated
vocabularies. [fRiSi]
- In types/simple/,getTermKeyPath now returns a list containing the key of
the term, not it's uid. This is consistent with the interface. [fRiSi]
- types/simple/, types/tree/
GetVocabularyDict now uses instance.getLanguage in favour of
portal_lanuages.getPreferredLanguage (otherwhise passing instance would be
useless in most cases)
- tests/ Added a test that checks if translations return
the same key and if dictionaries are translated.
- Improved the docstrings to be more explicit.
- getTermKey now states that all translations of a term
have the same key.
- getTermValue: now has an optional ``lang`` parameter
making ``--kwargs`` needless.
- Add sorted simple vocabulary [gotcha]
- Run i18ndude and update fr and nl [gotcha]
- Merged branch supporting catalog searches on hierarchical vocabularies to trunk
- Merged current trunk into this branch. [fRiSi]
- Utils/
utility methods for batch creating vocabularies.[fRiSi]
- types/simple/ types/tree/
Marked methods getVocabularyValue and getVocabularyKey as deprecated and used those
defined in IVocabularyTerm to make terms implement their interface. [fRiSi]
- types/tree/ types/simple/
Improved linguaplone support and also added a testcase. [fRiSi]
- tests/
Testing if treevocabulary is linguaplone aware. [fRiSi]
- doc/search_treevocabulary.txt: A doctest explaining how ATVM performs searches
on hierarchical vocabularies, and how to enable them for your content type.
- Added dutch translations, thanks to Atopia. [jladage]
- AllowedTypesByIface is broken, it seems - adding manual override to fix this
in ATVM. [optilude]
- Removed workflows from ATVM types on installation. [ferri]
- Added brazilian portuguese translation and portal_vocabularies title i18n
support. [ferri]
- Added i18n and Czech translation. [naro]
- Uncommented code in to make portal_vocabularylib not show in the
navigation tree. [panjunyong]
- Use StringWidget instead of IDWidget for Simple vocaublary term. [panjunyong]