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collective.cmisbrowser is a Plone 3.2+ extension that lets you connect to a CMIS document repository and browse its content from Plone.

It provides a content type called CMIS Browser that after being added lets you browse the content of the repository like if it was Plone content (modulo the fact that it is not).


Update buildout profile

Update your buildout profile to include the following eggs and zcml:

eggs +=
zcml +=


When using python 2.4.x you will also need to add httpsproxy_urllib2 as an egg.

Run the buildout

Run the buildout to reflect the changes you made to the profile:

$ bin/buildout -v

Install the extension

The extension can be installed through the ZMI or Plone control panel.

Through the ZMI

  • Go to the portal quickinstaller in the ZMI.
  • Check the extension collective.cmisbrowser.
  • Click the install button.

Through the Plone control panel

  • Go to Site Setup.
  • Choose Add-on products.
  • Check the extension collective.cmisbrowser.
  • Click the Install button.

Add a CMIS Browser

After installing you will be able to add a CMIS Browser in your Plone site from the Add new... drop-down menu. Configuration can be done on the CMIS Browser itself and/or you can set a site wide configuration.


The side wide configuration can be set in the CMIS settings in the Add-on Product Configuration section of Site Setup. Non site wide configuration can be set on the CMIS Browser.

CMIS Browser

A CMIS Browser provides the following options:

  • browser_description: A description of the browser.
  • browser_text: Additional WYSIWYG text field for the browser.
  • repository_url: URL to the connected CMIS repository.
  • title_from_plone: Use the title from Plone and not the one from the repository.
  • repository_name: Name of the repository to use at the connected URL. Required if more than one repository is available.
  • repository_path: Path in the repository to use as root for the Browser. If it is not specified, the root of the repository will be used.
  • repository_user: Username used to authenticate to the repository. If specified, password is required.
  • repository_password: Password used to authenticate to the repository. If specified, username is required.
  • repository_connector: The type of connection that needs to be used SOAP or REST.
  • repository_cache: How long the CMIS content should be cached.
  • folder_view: Choice that lets you choose how CMIS folders are rendered in Plone. This let you select which Plone folder template to use.
  • proxy: Proxy URL to use to connect to the CMIS repository.

In the Plone control panel, you have access to a CMIS settings control panel. It lets you define default settings to use for all newly created CMIS Browser. Those defaults are stored in the Plone properties, and are easily exportable with the help of GenericSetup.

As well, you can provide Zope defaults in the Zope configuration file, zope.conf:

<product-config collective.cmisbrowser>
    repository_url http://orange:8080/alfresco/cmis
    repository_user admin
    repository_password admin

This can be added into zope.conf by buildout, with the help of the directive `zope-conf-additional of plone.recipe.zope2instance.

Configure RAM Cache

Go to: http://[plone–site]/ramcache–controlpanel

RAM Cache Statistics

Gives an overview of the cached items.

Clear RAM cache

Click on the Clear cache button to clear all cached content.

RAM Cache Settings

This configuration overview gives you the possibility to alter the default values of the following parameters:

  • A maximum number of cached values.
  • Maximum age for cached values in seconds.
  • An interval between cache cleanups in seconds.

Change the values and click the Save button.


This product has been tested with Alfresco, but is intended to be generic and usable with any CMIS content repository.


CMIS Browser for Plone






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