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@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
-```` provides instant messaging for Plone_. It uses the
-XMPP_ protocol and requires an XMPP server (such as ejabberd_) for the message handling.
+```` provides instant messaging for `Plone`_. It uses the
+`XMPP`_ protocol and requires an XMPP server (such as `ejabberd`_) for the message handling.
-* Manually or automically subscribe to other users.
+* Manually or automatically subscribe to other users.
* With manual roster subscriptions, you can accept or decline contact requests.
* Chat statuses (online, busy, away, offline)
* Custom status message
@@ -82,19 +82,17 @@ your account then:
git push
After this you can send a pull request with your changes.
For more information on submodules and how to work with them, `refer to the git book`_.
-.. _XEP-0045:
-.. _XEP-0071:
-.. _XEP-0144:
-.. _XEP-0124:
-.. _XEP-0206:
-.. _collective.xmpp.core:
-.. _collective.xmpp.buildout:
-.. _Plone:
-.. _XMPP:
-.. _ejabberd:
-.. _a recent commit:
-.. _refer to the git book:
+.. _`XEP-0045`:
+.. _`XEP-0071`:
+.. _`XEP-0144`:
+.. _`XEP-0124`:
+.. _`XEP-0206`:
+.. _`collective.xmpp.core`:
+.. _`collective.xmpp.buildout`:
+.. _`a recent commit`:
+.. _`refer to the git book`:
+.. _`Plone`:
+.. _`XMPP`:
+.. _`ejabberd`:
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