Rails 3 and Capistrano

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Note: Create the script

If DJ is installed as a gem don't forget to run the generator. It creates the script/delayed_job script and sets run permissions.

rails generate delayed_job


delayed_job comes with Capistrano recipes to start the script/delayed_job worker but you have to update your config/deploy.rb file to use them. There are 3 changes that need to be made:

Include the recipes

require "delayed/recipes"  

The recipes use the :rails_env variable to pass the environment to script/delayed_job.

set :rails_env, "production" #added for delayed job  

Only start and stop workers on a particular server

If you have one or more servers just for delayed job, you can have your workers run just on that server like so. If you do not set :delayed_job_server_role, it will default to :app.

role :delayed_job, 'delayed_job.example.com'
set :delayed_job_server_role, :delayed_job

Hook into Capistrano to start, stop and restart

after "deploy:stop",    "delayed_job:stop"
after "deploy:start",   "delayed_job:start"
after "deploy:restart", "delayed_job:restart"

# If you want to use command line options, for example to start multiple workers,
# define a Capistrano variable delayed_job_args:
#   set :delayed_job_args, "-n 2"


If you are getting an error starting delayed_job in capistrano make sure you have gem 'daemons' in your Gemfile.

Note: You may need to do more due to unresolved issues such as https://github.com/collectiveidea/delayed_job/issues/3