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E-Day 2011 - Collexion
# E-Day 2011 "Engineers Day, or E-day, is a celebration of everything engineering has to offer." [UK Engineers Day Open House]( We brought acrylic that the kids etched and then glow with a LED and battery, showed off the adruino, and made a drawbot from a plastic cup, markers, and a vibrating motor. Special thanks goes to xtoddx for bringing the supplies and being generally awesome. [![Eday2011 hacking.JPG](/pages/mw/images/9/9f/Eday2011_hacking.JPG)](/pages/file:eday2011_hacking.jpg.html) Hackers hacking. [![Eday2011 timwooo.JPG](/pages/mw/images/7/77/Eday2011_timwooo.JPG)](/pages/file:eday2011_timwooo.jpg.html) Tim has an idea! [![EDay2011 NickToddTimDustin.JPG](/pages/mw/images/3/33/EDay2011_NickToddTimDustin.JPG)](/pages/file:eday2011_nicktoddtimdustin.jpg.html) The debate continues, Mustaches: Particle or Wave? [![EDay2011ToddNickArmWrestling.JPG](/pages/mw/images/f/fd/EDay2011ToddNickArmWrestling.JPG)](/pages/file:eday2011toddnickarmwrestling.jpg.html) Strength Challenges [![EDay2011DustinDrawBot.JPG](/pages/mw/images/9/9c/EDay2011DustinDrawBot.JPG)](/pages/file:eday2011dustindrawbot.jpg.html) Dustin hacks the Drawbot.
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