ABC music notation tools for Perl 6
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This module is the beginning of a set of tools for dealing with ABC music
files in Perl 6.

The most useful standalone tool here is the abc2ly script, which converts ABC
files to Lilypond format, allowing you to create beautiful PDF sheet music. If
you install ABC using panda (or presumably zef, though I haven't tried that),
you should just be able to say


to convert to and then invoke Lilypond to convert it to

NOTE: Lilypond also has an abc2ly script; last time I tried it it produced
hideous looking output from Lilypond.  If you've got both installed, you will
have to make sure the perl 6 bin of abc2ly appears first in your PATH.

As of 2/6/2017, it works on Rakudo 2017.01.