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ABC music notation tools for Perl 6
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This module is the beginning of a set of tools for dealing with ABC music
files in Perl 6.

The most useful standalone tool here is the abc2ly script, which converts ABC
files to Lilypond format, allowing you to create beautiful PDF sheet music.

    env PERL6LIB=/Users/colomon/tools/ABC/lib: perl6 bin/abc2ly


    mono /Users/colomon/tools/niecza/run/Niecza.exe -Ilib bin/abc2ly

This will generate the a file which can be fed to Lilypond.

If you install the module using panda and your paths are correctly set up, you
should be able to simply say


As of 5/24/2012, the module works on 5/12 (or later) Niecza. It recently worked on
the 2/12 Rakudo, but I have made significant changes since then and do not
have a copy handy to test it on. It definitely does not work on more recent
Rakudos due to a module handling bug.
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