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use Math::BigInt;
use Test;
plan *;
ok 4L < "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
ok 4L <= "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
ok 4L != "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
nok 4L > "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
nok 4L >= "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
ok 4L == 4L;
ok 4L <= 4L;
ok 4L >= 4L;
nok 4L < 4L;
nok 4L > 4L;
ok "54534624524525325234524354252"L == "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
ok "54534624524525325234524354252"L <= "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
ok "54534624524525325234524354252"L >= "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
nok "54534624524525325234524354252"L < "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
nok "54534624524525325234524354252"L > "54534624524525325234524354252"L;
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