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Continuous test runner for Perl 6
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Continuous test runner for Perl 6

Requires a recent version of Rakudo (after April 21st, 2012) for updates changetime detection. Currently depends on Perl 5 prove as a testrunner.


junk·ie noun \ˈjəŋ-kē\ - a person who derives inordinate pleasure from or who is dependent on something (in this case testing)

The initial version was developed as a part of the Perl 6 patterns hackathon in Oslo, and based on masak's mini-tote Gist for all functionality. See:

##Planned extensions

  • pluggable implementations for running tests
  • pluggable implementations for reporting
  • separate running from reporting
  • option to 'make' before running tests in order to update blib/lib (should be useful for modules already installed
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