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Updated codeless kernel extension for Mac OS X Lion
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ez430rf2500 - Updated kernel extension

This is an updated kernel extension that is codeless and just makes sure that no other kernel extensions load when plugging in an Ti Launchpad programmer (ez430rf2500) this then allows a tool like mspdebug to communicate with the device.


  1. Open the project in Xcode 4.1

  2. Click the run button

  3. Show in Finder the ez430rf2500.kext that was created (under products), and drag it to your desktop.

  4. Open

     sudo su
     cd /System/Library/Extensions
     cp -R /User/<username>/Desktop/ez430rf2500.kext .
     chown -R root:wheel ez430rf2500.kext
     chmod -R 755 ez430rf2500.kext
  5. Reboot your system

At this point you should now be able to use mspdebug with the rf2500 driver to talk to the Ti Launchpad.

The work was inspired by westf on the Ti e2e community, he wrote the first and original codeless kernel extension, however due to changes in Lion the original version did not compile, mostly due to renamed existing kernel extensions ( is not Instead of having a project moved from Xcode 3 to Xcode 4 with its own issues, I created the project from scratch.

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