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Fixed transition-property-name filename

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1 parent 109f8b7 commit 49fb3becbb93841ea2692c9a3c7d38fb38be3f8e Phil LaPier committed May 9, 2012
2 app/assets/stylesheets/_bourbon.scss
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
@import "functions/radial-gradient";
@import "functions/render-gradients";
@import "functions/tint-shade";
-@import "functions/transition_propery_name";
+@import "functions/transition-property-name";
// CSS3 Mixins
@import "css3/animation";
0 ...s/functions/_transition_propery_name.scss → .../functions/_transition-property-name.scss
File renamed without changes.

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