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After abandoning this project for a long time, I've made big changes and am hoping to get it to an actually working state, but still WIP.

Required dependencies:

To build yasce,

CARGO_TARGET_DIR=target cargo build --manifest-path src/yasce/Cargo.toml --release

Or you could just cd src/yasce && cargo build, but using an environment variable keeps the dependencies in one location regardless of which crate you build. (You can also build exectool.)

Use --debug instead of --release to make the build only take a long time rather than forever and ever.

For development

Even though this isn't that large a repository, it's split rather liberally into crates in an attempt to improve compilation time. Rather than manually write a large number of Cargo.tomls, I have a script (well, Rust program) to generate them all based on extern crate declarations and a common list of external dependencies.

Run the script with cargo run --manifest-path build/gen-cargo-toml/Cargo.toml; since I keep the output checked into Git, this isn't necessary if you're just trying to build.

The external dependencies are at build/gen-cargo-toml/base.toml.

Old stuff

This will probably not end up being required:

  • LLVM
  • Node.js
    • looks for 'node' in $PATH, or override the command by setting the environment variable NODE