Sample Concourse bootstrap repository for use in blog post and sample application
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Sample Concourse CI bootstrap repository for use in blog post and sample pipeline.

Getting Started

Bootstrapping Concourse

Follow to set up a Concourse instance on AWS.

To set up a pipeline from scratch in an AWS account of choice (with AWS variables defined), run e.g.

concourse-up deploy --domain ci

To clean it up afterwards, you can run

concourse-up destroy ci

Decrypt keys using git-crypt

To be able to see and change the contents of the private directory a key file is required.

Please ask your administrator for the key file, and then run:

git-crypt unlock KEY_FILE

For sample purposes, you can recreate this file yourself and run git-crypt to encode contents of this file. The format of that file is something like this:

aws_default_region: eu-west-1
aws_secondary_region: us-east-1
aws_access_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
aws_secret_key: 111111111111111111111111

... other key / values ...

There are other (and better!) methods to handle credential management than git-crypt, and that do not involve storing credentials (albeit encrypted) in git. Have a look at for integrating Vault, Credhub or SSM. Unfortunately, as of now, Concourse-up only supports Credhub although SSM seems to be on the roadmap.

Get fly

Go to and download fly and then run:

chmod +x fly;sudo mv fly /usr/local/bin/ 

Login to concourse

fly -t ci-sandbox login --team-name main --concourse-url
sudo fly -t ci-sandbox sync

Deploy Pipeline

fly -t ci-sandbox set-pipeline -p general -c concourse/general.yml -l private/concourse/cci_private_vars.yml