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ComicTagger is a multi-platform app for writing metadata to digital comics, written in Python and PyQt.

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  • Runs on macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux systems
  • Get comic information from Comic Vine
  • Automatic issue matching using advanced image processing techniques
  • Batch processing in the GUI for tagging hundreds or more comics at a time
  • Support for ComicRack and ComicBookLover tagging formats
  • Native full support for CBZ digital comics
  • Native read only support for CBR digital comics: full support enabled installing additional rar tools
  • Command line interface (CLI) enabling custom scripting and batch operations on large collections

For details, screen-shots, and more, visit the Wiki



Windows and macOS binaries are provided in the Releases Page.

Just unzip the archive in any folder and run, no additional installation steps are required.

PIP installation

A pip package is provided, you can install it with:

 $ pip3 install comictagger[GUI]

There are two optional dependencies GUI and CBR. You can install the optional dependencies by specifying one or more of GUI,CBR or all in braces e.g. comictagger[CBR,GUI]

From source

  1. Ensure you have python 3.9 installed
  2. Clone this repository git clone
  3. pip3 install -r requirements_dev.txt
  4. pip3 install . or pip3 install .[GUI]