The Haskell Tool Stack
snoyberg Merge pull request #4312 from DanielG/master
Add `--cabal-files` flag to `ide packages` command
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.github Update docs and scripts for v1.9.1 release Aug 4, 2018
doc Merge pull request #4299 from commercialhaskell/build-overview Sep 12, 2018
etc etc/scripts: remove use of to AWS_* variables Aug 30, 2018
src Add `--cabal-files` flag to `ide packages` command Sep 22, 2018
subs Merge pull request #4301 from commercialhaskell/snapshot-layer Sep 11, 2018
test Merge pull request #4286 from CthulhuDen/no-sets-for-files Sep 17, 2018
.dockerignore Add code to create signed debian packages & host them on s3 Jun 2, 2015
.gitignore Convert Stackage snapshots to new format Jul 30, 2018
.gitlab-ci.yml Use Gitlab build image that has Mercurial Aug 26, 2018
.hindent.yaml Implement `--global` flag for suitable `stack config set` fields Oct 5, 2016
.hlint.yaml Remove a few more orphans Sep 5, 2018 Update supported platforms and download links Apr 18, 2018
.travis.yml Don't build store (no longer needed) Sep 5, 2018 Fix documentation for executing integration tests Feb 2, 2018 Add `--cabal-files` flag to `ide packages` command Sep 22, 2018
LICENSE Bump copyright years to 2018 Jan 1, 2018 Fix typo Jul 17, 2018
Setup.hs Fix a typo in Setup.hs Oct 19, 2017
appveyor.yml Add TMP env var for AppVeyor Aug 13, 2018
dot-dir-locals.el Move .dir-locals.el to dot-dir-locals.el Aug 10, 2015
mkdocs.yml Update release scripts and documentation Aug 29, 2018
package.yaml Simplify, using `hSupportsANSIWithoutEmulation` Sep 8, 2018
snapshot-nightly.yaml Simplify, using `hSupportsANSIWithoutEmulation` Sep 8, 2018
snapshot.yaml Simplify, using `hSupportsANSIWithoutEmulation` Sep 8, 2018
stack-nightly.yaml Inline the store dependency Sep 5, 2018
stack.yaml Inline the store dependency Sep 5, 2018

The Haskell Tool Stack

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Stack is a cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects. It is intended for Haskellers both new and experienced.

See or the doc directory for more information.

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